Preventive actions against the spread of corona virus at Apollon Apartments

In reference to the epidemiological situation created by the corona-virus worldwide, the management of Apollon Apartments has prepared a plan that will be strictly applied to serve its guests during the Summer 2020.
These are basic rules that will be respected by the staff and tourists alike, and they may be supplemented or modified depending on the situation with Covid-19 at a given time.

The rules and actions are divided into two groups:

    I.Tourist services on arrival and departure.
 II.   Preparing the apartments to accommodate new guests and keeping them clean.

We kindly ask all our guests to get acquainted in advance with the organization of service, which will be introduced in "Apollon Apartments" for the Summer 2020.

I. Tourist services on arrival and departure

Apollon Apartments will welcome guests from Bulgaria and abroad.

  • Our employee will greet the guests outside (outdoor) and provide them with maps of Apollon Complex with a sign of the reserved apartment and the road to the building in which it is located.
  • The Receptionist will ask only one guest representative to visit the front desk to provide the passports for registration and to finalize the payment for the stay.
  • We ask guests to pay by bank if possible.
  • In order to maintain the necessary distance between staff and guests, it is not allowed to serve more than one guest at the same time at the reception.
  •  In order to maintain distance during the stay, guests will be asked to contact the receptionist on the phone.
  • The reception of Apollon Apartments will be disinfected mainly at least twice a day, treating flooring and counter-tops. It will be constantly ventilated with fresh air.
  • Surfaces, locks and appliances will be carefully disinfected after servicing each tourist.
  • During the day, hand sanitizers will be available for guests attending the reception and for the staff.
  • The staff of Apollon Apartments will be provided with protective face masks and gloves.
  • We kindly ask guests to attend the reception, wearing face masks.

II. Preparing the apartments to accommodate new guests and keeping cleanness

  • A strict schedule for the occupancy of the apartments has been created, whereby the apartment is free for 48 hours before being occupied by new guests. This is the optimal term for quarantine of textiles / curtains, curtains, blinds, upholstery /.
  • Each apartment is completely disinfected with detergents. All counter-tops and surfaces in it are treated with disinfectants.
  • It is planned to treat the apartments with UV bactericidal lamps that kill up to 99% of viruses, bacteria and molds. The rooms are cleaned the day before the guests arrive, after which the apartment is ventilated for a long time before the new guests arrive.
  • The linen washes at 90 degrees and is covered by the maids who touch it with newly put gloves on.
  • The intermediate cleaning of the apartments is carried out only at the explicit request of the guests, and upon their arrival they should notify the administrator and declare their agreement to allow a maid in their apartment.

    We reserve the right to amend and supplement the above measures in accordance with the situation with the spread of Covid - 19 in our country and in accordance with the requirements of the authorities.

    For further information and questions, please contact us by email or call us.



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